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The Best Hog Hunts in Texas | Wild Pig Hunting Outfitter | 4J Ranch

The 4J Ranch provides a unique hunting experience! We have been family owned & operated wild pig hunting outfitter since 1999. Hog hunting is a family passion we enjoy sharing with hunters of all experience levels, so come and join us for a hunt! Our fully guided hunts focus on having as much fun as safely possible in the woods to ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We do not believe in hidden fees and pride ourselves in meeting our hunters' expectations. Our vision of the hunt we provide incorporates utility vehicles chasing pigs through the woods while shooting as many rounds as it takes to lay them down! Most of the pigs killed on the ranch are on the run, which provides for a challenging target & rewarding kill. We have an extensive weapon arsenal accessible to our hunters, but all personal weapons & calibers are acceptable on the ranch. Check out our Gun Rental page! We have fully automatic rifles, mounted machine guns, machine pistols, and even the mighty Barrett .50 BMG. 

All hunters are guaranteed multiple kills!

Hog hunts with Automatic Weapons

Hog Hunting With Automatic Weapons in Texas

Come to Texas and hunt wild pigs with automatic weapons!

We offer access to our collection of automatic firearms. Whether you want to shoot the classic M16 / M4, Tripod mounted M16, AK-47, H&K or a variety of other machine guns, we offer them all.

If the machine guns are not enough excitement, in a class all by itself, we have the semi-auto Barrett 82A1 chambered in .50 BMG. This firearm and cartridge are virtually unmatched in every category.

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East Texas Hog Hunts

East Texas Wild Boar Hunting

4J Ranch is situated in Centerville in East Texas. The town of Centerville's name comes from its location halfway between Houston & Dallas. This is the ideal location for hunters looking for easy travel access. Perfect for corporate groups, bachelor parties or any groups with hunters coming in from out of town.

The ranch is situated close to the trinity river. Houston & Dallas are about 2 hours from the ranch, College Station is about an hour and Fort Hood is 2.5 hours. 

Let us know if we can assist you with travel questions or lodging suggestions.

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