Texas Wild Hog Shoot

A Unique Texas Hog Hunt

The Wild Hog Shoot is a unique Texas hog hunt. The hog shoot is an exciting hunt for a group of hunters. Each shooter will have ample shooting opportunities to take down a number of wild hogs. The number of hogs released into the woods is determined at the time of the booking.  It can be 10-100 hogs for one wild hog shoot.  An eighty percent kill rate is normal. 

The Wild Hog Shoot is within the remote dense woods of the Trinity river bottom. (See Ranch Location ). Hog hunting area is surrounded by trees to restrict bullet travel outside of the property.

For the Hog Shoot, hunters are taken to an area within the woods. Newly released wild hogs will immediately roam all over the property. Eventually the wild hogs will encounter the group of hunters. For those wild hogs that are wounded or get past the shooters, guide(s) takes hunters on foot to locate them.

 For success, hunters should use a rapid firing weapon (semi auto, lever action, or pump) without a scope. Each hunter typically goes through sixty rounds of ammo during this hunt.


For specifics on weapons and ammo refer to Hog Hunting Weapon .

Morning Hog Shoot 9AM – Noon
Afternoon Hog Shoot 2PM -5PM
Price: 1,500.00 for 4 huntiers

 Great price for group event.
– 4 shooters = 375.00 each
Priced for up to 4 hunters.
– Best pricing for 10 kills
– Best size hogs for cooking.
– Increase weight of wild hogs.
– Increase number of wild hogs.

Two Wild Hog Shoots per day: Morning or Afternoon.
Morning Wild Hog shoot: 9:AM – Noon
Afternoon Wild Hog shoot: 2:PM – 5:PM
– Wild
Hog hunt within 40 acre wooded area.

Processing wild hogs

  • Skinning facility is at the ranch cabin.  
  • We skin/quarter your wild hogs.
  • Wild hog meat will spoil quickly.
  • If it is over 60 degrees, promptly process hog.
  • Three wild hogs will fit in one 48 quart cooler. 

For Wild Hog Shoot prices Go To: Hog Hunting Prices

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