Stalking Wild Hog Hunt

Stalking Wild Hog Hunt in Texas

Challenging Wild Hog Hunt

The stalking wild hog hunt is a slow and deliberate hunt. A wild hog is intelligent and illusive (Texas Hog Hunting Basics). Hunters move though the woods pushing hogs.  A wild hog may be hiding within five feet of a hunter.  It will allow the hunter to walk past. Some hunters smell the wild hog before they spot it running. Hog hunting in Texas brushy areas is a challenge. Shooting a wild hog running in the brush is a serious challenge.

Experienced guides escort hog hunters. Guides maintain control of hunter location. They work with each hunter to control direction of fire. Every hunter is equipped with a mobile radio.

Be prepared for the stalking hog hunt in Texas. The hunt is within the rough terrain of the river bottom woods.  Every person wild hog hunting must be armed and prepared to shoot.  Hog hunters are not capable of outrunning a charging wild hog. A semiautomatic rifle without a scope is recommended ( Hog Hunting Weapon). Snake boots or leggings are needed from March thru November. 

Stalking Wild Hog Hunt Times

Morning stalk hunts (9:AM – 1:PM) Saturday or Sunday.
Afternoon stalk hunts (2:PM – 6:PM are held every day.

Cost for Stalking Wild Hog Hunt

Cost per hunter: 350.00
For each hunter:  Two free kills.
After 2nd kill: 1.00 per pound.
Skin/quarter fee: 50.00 each.
Pricing for hog hunting in Texas (Hog Hunting Prices ). 
NOTE: 6 Hunter limit Monday-Friday .

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