Wild Hog Shoot

 Texas Wild Hog Hunt

Go home with wild hog meat!

Wild Hog Shoot Shoot:

 Guided Hunt
0.00 for 4 hunters
 10 wild hogs released

Two shoots per day
Morning Shoot 9AM – Noon
Afternoon Shoot 2PM -5PM

Add more shooters at 200.00 each
Add more hogs at 50.00 each

How Wild Hog Shoot works:
 – Wild hogs already in wooded 40 acres.
– Hogs 
released (2-3) at a time.
– H
ogs seek a way out of property.
– We take ad
vantage of hog behavior.
Shooters are together.
Guides are with shooters.
– Guides 
communicate via radio.

Action packed wild hog shooting event!
– Use AR15/AK for r
apid fire shooting.
– Hunt outside the confines of a blind.
Shoot running wild hogs.
Event within 40 acres of dense woods.
Enjoy shooting hogs with friends.
– Shoot 20-40 
rounds within three hours.
 – Bring your 4 wheeler or side-by-side.
– Shooters typically take 8 out of 10.
– W
e furnish rifles for a fee.

Great priced wild hog group event.
– Hunting Fee: 1,300.00 for up to 4 hunters/10 hogs.
– Hogs are 60-100 pounds.
– Best size hogs for cooking.
 – Increase weight of wild hogs.
– Increase number of wild hogs.

– Y
oung wild hogs (60-100 lbs) 50.00.
– Mature wild hogs 
100 – 150 lbs) 75.00.

Two Wild Hog Shoots per day: Morning or Afternoon.
Morning Wild Hog shoot: 9:AM – Noon
Afternoon Wild Hog shoot: 2:PM – 5:PM
– Wild
Hog hunt within 40 acre wooded area.

Processing wild hogs

  • Skinning facility is at the cabin.  
  • We skin wild hog for 50.00 each.
  • Hunter can skin their own wild hogs.
  • Wild hog meat will spoil quickly.
  • If it is over 60 degrees, promptly process hog.
  • Three wild hogs will fit in one 48 quart cooler. 

For Ground Blind Hog Hunts prices GoTo: HOG HUNTING PRICES 

Watch a 4J Ranch Wild Hog Shoot on Youtube
Hunters together on a platform is optional.
Graphic shooting!
Click on below link:

4J Ranch videos

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