Wild Hog Shoot

  Texas Wild Hog Hunt

Wild Hog Shoot

Wild hog group event.
On ground action shooting.
Great for Company, family or friends.

Compared to others, 4J offers more for less.
Great price for total services.
Low cost to kill ten hogs.
Only one group on property.
Multiple guides with hunters.
Guides assist in hunter location.
Guides assist in locating wild hogs.
Guides assist hunter direction of fire.
Guides are focused on hunter safety.
 Morning or Afternoon shooting event
Shoot Wild hogs running in the woods.
Fill multiple 48 quart coolers with hog meat.
Shoot 40-60 rounds (semiauto rifle) in one hunt.
As part of 4J services rifles are available with prior notice.

Watch videos of Hog Hunts:   4J Ranch videos


Wild Hog Shoot

Book a morning or afternoon shoot
Morning Hog Shoot 9AM – Noon
Afternoon Hog Shoot 2PM -5PM
Price: 1,500.00

Good for 
4 hunters
Add hunters: 200.00 each
 10 wild hogs are released
Additional hogs: 50.00 each
Rifles available: 100.00 each

Book a Saturday all day.
 Minimum price 2,500.00
Good for 
5 shooters
Add hunters: 500.00 each

(Saturdays only)
Wild hog Shoot (9am-Noon)
Wild hog Shoot (2-5pm)

 20 Hogs released
We skin/quarter: 50.00 each.
   No other hunters on property.
Rifles available: 100.00 each

Guides work closely with shooters:
– Placement of shooters.

Control direction of fire.
– Monitor gun safety.
– Have radios to communicate.
– Help to find  released hogs.
– Help find wounded hogs.
– Control releasing of hogs

How Wild Hog Shoot works:
–  Wild hogs released on ranch.
– Hogs released (2-3) at a time.
– Hogs seek way out of property.
– Shooters are together.
– Guides are with shooters.
–  Other Wild hogs on property.

Action packed wild hog shooting event!
– Great for AR15/AR10/AK47

– Hunt outside of a blind.
Shoot running wild hogs.
Event within dense woods.
Enjoy shooting hogs with friends.
– Shoot 20-40 
 – Bring your own ATV.
–  Typically 8 of 10 taken.

Great price for group event.
– Price for up to 4 hunters.
– Best pricing for 10 kills
– Best size hogs for cooking.
 – Increase weight of wild hogs.
– Increase number of wild hogs.

– Y
oung wild hogs (60-100 lbs) 50.00.
– Mature wild hogs 
100 – 150 lbs) 75.00.

Two Wild Hog Shoots per day: Morning or Afternoon.
Morning Wild Hog shoot: 9:AM – Noon
Afternoon Wild Hog shoot: 2:PM – 5:PM
– Wild
Hog hunt within 40 acre wooded area.

Processing wild hogs

  • Skinning facility is at the cabin.  
  • We skin wild hog for 50.00 each.
  • Hunter can skin their own wild hogs.
  • Wild hog meat will spoil quickly.
  • If it is over 60 degrees, promptly process hog.
  • Three wild hogs will fit in one 48 quart cooler. 

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