Stalking Hog Hunt

Stalk wild hog Hunt

Wild hog hunting on foot is a challenging hog hunt. The ranch has multiple, wide trails within the wooded property that are designed for stalking wild hogs.  Experienced guide(s) assist in locating wild hogs.  Guide controls direction of fire to ensure safety.  The wide trails allow guides to quickly take hunters throughout the wooded property while running down wild hogs. Guides and hunters have mobile radios to communicate with other. This type of hunt is challenging, exciting and requires a focused effort by guides and hunters  to track down and shoot the intelligent, illusive wild hog.

Watch videos of Hog Hunts:   4J Ranch videos

It is important to note that 4 hunters improves a stalk hunt; more eyes, wider sweeps, and ambushing.

Morning stalk hunt Saturday or Sunday only.
Morning stalk hunt: 9:AM-1:PM.
Afternoon stalk hunt any day.
Afternoon stalk hunt: 2:PM-6:PM.

Cost per hunter: 350.00
For each hunter: One free kill.
After 1st kill: 1.00 per pound.
Skin/quarter fee is 50.00 each.
NOTE: 6 Hunter limit Monday-Friday .
Saturday/Sunday – 8 Hunter limit.

Wild hog stalk weapon. The most effective weapon is a semi auto or lever action rifle configured with open sites or red dot type optics. Acquiring a fast moving target with a scope is not practical.

Weapon caliber.  A .270 caliber rifle or large is most effective.  Calibers below .270 must use a soft point or ballistic tip bullet to be more effective.

Stalking wild boars is dangerous.   Hunting wild hogs within the brush and hard wood trees  is not for the young or inexperienced hunter. Guides and hunters are in danger during a stalk hunt. Hunters must be aware of direction of fire, adhere to gun safety rules,  be prepared to deal with the wild animals and environment of the river bottom.  Every person wild boar hunting must be armed and prepared to shoot.  A hog hunter is not capable of outrunning a charging wild boar.  Hunters will be walking within the woods a few yards from a wild boar hiding in a bush.  Snake boots or leggings are required apparel from March thru  November.  Only one hunter can be under 18 and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


Stalking wild hogs in the river bottom.   A wild hog stalk within the ranch’s dense woods is a slow, deliberate, focused hunt. While it is true there may be wild hogs in open areas feeding, the most likely scenario is that the hogs will be bedded down, hidden within a brushy hide.  Typically, a wild hog will run from its hide when a hunter is within 40 yards. But, for whatever reason, some hogs will stay in their hide letting hunters walk past it.  This is what makes stalking wild hogs so exciting. The hunter only has a few seconds to acquire the target and pull the trigger. Hunters have to train themselves to react and shoot within a few seconds.

The proper attire and equipment for a stalking  hog hunt.  Wearing clothes that are comfortable and durable for each season is a must.  There are thorn bushes, trees, vines and poisonous snake within the property. There are no absolutes, but poisonous snakes are normally active above ground from February to November. Snake boots or chaps are a must for some level of protection against a snake bite.  A rifle with open sites or red dot is the best weapon for quick response shooting wild hogs.  Wearing a sidearm is not required but handy for dealing with a wounded hog or snake.


NOTE: In East Texas we have the four poisonous snakes found in North America (rattlesnake, copperhead, coral, and cottonmouth).

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