Hog Hunt Prices

Texas Hog Hunt Prices

Three types of Texas Hog Hunts

Ground Blind Texas Hog Hunt

 200.00 per hunter (2-8 hunter group)
250.00 Solo hunter (Only one hunter)
5:PM – 10:PM (In Blind)
1 Free kill per hunter per night.
After 1st kill, 1.00 per pound.
No size limit on kills
We skin/quarter: 50.00 each
1 Night (5-10:PM)
2 hunters for 1 hunt is 400.00
1 Free kill per hunter
After 1st kill, 1.00 per pound
Use below calculator for prices.
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 Texas Wild Hog Shoot

You will shoot wild hogs
Take down 10, 20 or 30 hogs in 1 Day!
 1,500.00 Minimum
Price good for up to 4 hunters
Add hunter: 200.00 each
Add 10 hogs:  500.00
Two Wild Hog shoot times:
9:AM to Noon
2:PM to 5:PM
10 Hogs released
Add 10 hogs for 500.00
We skin/quarter hog: 50.00 each
Semi auto rifle needed
We can furnish semiauto rifle
No other hunters on property
30 Hogs, 6 Hunters: 2,900.00
6 Hunters = 484..00 per hunter
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Texas Wild Hog Hunt Stalk

Morning hog hunt (8:AM-Noon).
Morning hunt (Sat or Sun only).

Afternoon hog hunt (1:PM-6:PM).
Afternoon hog hunt (Any day).
Cost per hunter: 350.00
For each hunter:
One free kill for each hunter.
After 1st kill: 1.00 per pound
Skin/quarter fee is 50.00 each.
NOTE: 4 Hunter limit Monday-Friday.
Saturday/Sunday – 8 Hunter limit.

LogoRed-4JranchCalculator below is used for blind hunts
No lodging available
 Rifle hunts only

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Phone: 832-452-8738
Email: tvenable@4jranch.net

  Predator Hunting Prices

500.00 Predator Hunter
No kill limit
Add hunter 300.00 each
(3:PM until midnight hunt)
No other hunters are on property


Hunter Lodging: There are more than two motels within 30 minutes of our ranch: Best Western (936-349-1700) in Madisonville;  Days Inn (903-503-7175) in Centerville.

4J Ranch, Leona, Texas 75850
Email: tvenable@4jranch.net
Phone: 832-452-8738