Hog Hunt Prices

Hog Hunt Prices

 1. Blind Hunt
2. Wild Hog Shoot
3. Stalk Wild Hog Hunt
4. All day Hog Hunting  Event

 Texas Hog Hunts all year

 Multiple night hog hunts discounted

LogoRed-4JranchCalculator below is for rifle blind hunts
No lodging available
 Rifle hunts only

Four types of Hog Hunts

2018 Prices for wild hog hunts. 

Ground Blind Hog Hunt
 200.00 per hunter (2-8 hunter group)
250.00 per hunter (Only one hunter)
5:PM – 10:PM (In Blind)
    1 Free kill per hunter per night.
After 1st kill, 1.00 per pound.
No size limit on kills
We skin/quarter: 50.00 each
2 Night Example: 700.00
2 hunters for 2 hunts is 700.00
  1 Free kill per night per hunter
Use below calculator for prices.
 Go To: Ground Blind Description

 Wild Hog Shoot
 1,500.00 total for up to 4 Hunters
Good for 4 hunters
Add hunters: 200.00 each
  Two Wild Hog shoots times:
9:AM to Noon
2:PM to 5:PM
  10 Hogs released
Add hogs  = 50.00 each
We skin/quarter hog: 50.00
  Semi auto rifle ideal
   No other hunters on property
Example: 2,000.00 total
4 hunters/10 hogs
4 Hunters = 375.00 per hunter
  Go To: Wild Hog Shoot description

Stalk hunt
Morning hog hunt (8:AM-Noon).
Morning hunt (Sat or Sun only).

Afternoon hog hunt (1:PM-6:PM).
Afternoon hog hunt (Any day).
Cost per hunter: 350.00
For each hunter:
One free kill for each hunter.
After 1st kill:
Wild hogs are 1.00 per pound.
Skin/quarter fee is 50.00 each.
NOTE: 4 Hunter limit Monday-Friday.
Saturday/Sunday – 8 Hunter limit.

 All day event
  2 Wild Hog Shoots
Up to 5 shooters 2,500.00
Wild Hog Shoot (9:AM to Noon)
Wild Hog Shoot (2:AM to 5:PM)
500.00 each additional hunter
20  hogs released shooters
We skin/quarter hogs 50.00 each
No other hunters are on property
Lunch included
Rifles available: 100.00 each

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Phone: 832-452-8738
Email: tvenable@4jranch.net

  Predator Hunting Prices

500.00 Predator Hunter
No kill limit
Add hunter 200.00 each
(3:PM until 10:PM hunt)
No other hunters are on property


Hunter Lodging: There are more than two motels within 30 minutes of our ranch: Best Western (936-349-1700) in Madisonville;  Days Inn (903-503-7175) in Centerville.

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Email: tvenable@4jranch.net
Phone: 832-452-8738