Hog Hunt Prices

Texas Hog Hunt PricesLogoRed-4Jranch Hog Hunts all year

 Multiple night discounts
Calculator is for rifle blind hunts
No lodging available
 Rifle hunts only

Three type of Hog Hunts

 1. Blind Hunt
Inside blind

Wild Hog Shoot
Shoot running hogs
3. Combination Hunt
Blind hunt + Hog Shoot

Ground Blind Hog Hunt
 200.00 per hunter (2-8 hunter group)
250.00 per hunter (Only one hunter)
5:PM – 11:PM (In Blind)
2 or more hunts are discounted.
 2 Free kills per hunter per night.
After 2nd kill, 1.00 per pound.
No size limit on kills
If we skin/quarter: 50.00 each
2 Night Example: 700.00
2 hunters for 2 hunts is 700.00
  2 Free kills per night per hunter
Use my calculator for prices.
 Go To: Ground Blind Description

 Wild Hog Shoot
 1,300.00 for 1-4 Hunters
200.00 for each additional hunter
Includes 10 young hogs released
Outside blind in woods

Two Wild Hog shoots available:
9:AM to Noon
2:PM to 5:PM
  More hogs can be ordered.
Hog prepay for Wild Hog Shoot only
Additional hogs (60-100 lbs) = 50.00 each
10 hogs (100-150 lbs) = 750.00
10 trophy hogs (200 lbs) 1,500.00

If we skin/quarter hog: 50.00
  Ideal for semi auto rifle
   No other hunters on property
Example: 2,100.00 total
8 hunters/10 young hogs
8 Hunters = 264.00 per hunter
  Go To: Wild Hog Shoot description

Combination Hunt Package
Two hunts

Blind hunt + Wild Hog Shoot
2,000.00 for 1-4 hunters.
200.00 for each additional hunter

Blind Hunt –  1 Free kill per hunter
Afternoon Blind (5-11:PM)
 Wild Hog Shoot (9:AM-Noon or 2:PM-5:PM)
10 young hogs released
  PM/AM Hunt sequence
No other hunters are on property
If we skin/quarter hog: 50.00

Example 4 hunter Price: 2,000.00
4 hunters/2 hunts = 500.00 Per hunter


Contact us via phone or email
Phone: 832-452-8738
Email: tvenable@4jranch.net


Max of 2 bow hunters per afternoon (3:PM-Sunset)
Bow hog hunts are from a 12 foot ladder blind (Open air).
250.00 for single hunter.
400.00 for two hunters.
  2 Wild Hog kills is free.
After 2nd kill, 1.00 per pound.
No size limit

 If we skin/quarter hog: 50.00

Bow Hog Hunting additional fees:
Arrows are counted prior to hunt: Missing or bloody arrow is 100.00
The additional fees for a bow hunt is due to the difficulty of recovering a wounded hog struck by a single arrow.  The additional fees allows the ranch to recover the cost of wounded hogs not recovered. Guides do not visually monitor hog hunters during their hunt.  A practical way to determine if a hog was shot with an arrow and not recovered is to take an arrow count before and after the hunt.  Arrows used for the hunt are examined for blood prior to and after the hog hunt.  A missing or bloody arrow will indicate a wounded hog was not recovered. 

For EACH Hunter & EACH Hog Blind Hunt
 2 Wild Hog kills is free.
After 2nd kill, 1.00 per pound.
No size limit

   – 50.00 each, if we skin/quarter hog
– Hunter can clean own hog for free.
– Blood signs on ground is a kill.

  Predator Hunting Prices

300.00 per Predator Hunter
No kill limit
2 Hunter minimum
(2:PM until 10:PM hunt)
No other hunters are on property


Hunter Lodging: There are more than two motels within 30 minutes of our ranch: Best Western (936-349-1700) in Madisonville;  Days Inn (903-503-7175) in Centerville.

4J Ranch, Leona, Texas 75850 Email: tvenable@4jranch.net Phone: 832-452-8738