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East Texas Wild Boar Hunt

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Texas Wild boar hunting near Dallas or Houston
2.5 hour from Houston or Dallas
Easy access roads off I45
Between Leona and Centerville
Ranch is within Leon County


GPS Location:
Latitude: 31°10’57.97″N  |   Longitude: 95°46’38.34″W
Google Map:
4J Ranch, Leona, Tx

 4J Ranch
P.O. Box 156
Leona, Texas 75850

 Local lodging within 30 minutes of ranch:
  Days Inn – PH: 903-536-7175/Centerville
Best Western PH: 936-349-1700/Madisonville
Comfort Inn PH: 903-322-9090/Buffalo


Phone: 832-452-8738
Any day
 8:AM to 8:PM

Wild Boar Hunting for the Meat

Some hunters do not hunt wild boar for the meat, they are in it for the sport. Hunting wild boar for the meat requires preparation before and after the kill.  Realize that wild boar meat has a very gamy flavor, especially the larger, older boars. Before the hunt have ice, ice chest, knives, rubber gloves and other cleaning material normally use to skin and cut up an animal. Do not go out and purchase ice after the kill. If the ambient temperature is over seventy degrees, it is very likely the wild meat will spoil after thirty minutes.  Cleaning the wild boar as soon as possible after the kill is therefore very important. Wild boar meat will build up bacteria and spoil much faster than deer meat. Boar hunting during the summer months requires that the dead boar is taken away within thirty minutes to be cleaned.  Do not leave the animal laying out in the heat.  Make sure none of the internal organs/glands secrete onto the meat.  Once the boar is skinned and cut up, put the meat on ice.  Adding salt to the ice has a number of benefits, including reducing bacteria. After the meat is in ice, let it bleed out a couple of days, draining the water several times a day, adding more ice, not salt. When the water is clear, it is time to cut the meat for freezing or cooking.

The least gamy wild boar meat will be from a young boar.  A boar under one year old, between fifty and one hundred pounds will produce about fifty percent of the its body weight in meat.  Young boars typically run in groups, so taking three or four is not that difficult. Three young wild boars cut into quarters will fill up a forty eight quart ice chest.  After a young boar (aka: ‘weaner’ or ‘shote’) is weaned from its mother, it will run within a group of adolescent wild boars. These young wild boars are more active and more likely to expose themselves to danger and hunters. The true reward of a taking the young wild boar is realized at the dinner table.


4J Ranch, Leona, Texas 75850
Email: tvenable@4jranch.net
Phone: 832-452-8738