Hog Hunting Weapon

Texas Wild Hog Hunt Weapons

What type of Texas wild hog hunt

There are a larger variety of weapons and accessories available for Texas wild hog hunting. Texas does not restrict the use a any legally owned center fire rifle. One weapon may work in a number of different shooting conditions. Having a basic understanding of shooting conditions for each type of hunt is the focus of this webpage.

The type of hog hunt determines weapon configuration.  No one configuration is best. The weapon configuration that consistently works for the hunter within the hunting conditions should be the goal.  When preparing for a hunt at the 4J Ranch, use a weapon configuration you are comfortable with and confident it will take down the wild hog with one shot.

Ground Blind Wild Hog Hunt

For an afternoon/evening ground blind hunt at the 4J Ranch, a number of weapon configurations will successfully take down a wild hog.  Red lights are used to illuminate the wild hog. Most wild hogs are standing in place at the corn within one hundred yards of the blind.  Any one of the five types of rifle actions without a scope will work as a shooting platform.  If a scope is used, I recommend one with good light gathering capabilities. An example for an evening blind hunt would be a 4x scope that has a 30 mm tube diameter with a 50 mm objective lens.

Hunt Wild Hogs Stalking or Wild Hog Shoot

For the 4J Ranch Stalk Hunt or Wild Hog Shoot, which are executed during the day, most shots are at running wild hogs within the dense brush and hard wood trees. The hunter has very little time to locate and track a running wild hog.  A semiauto rifle with red dot optics is recommended.  A lever action or pump action rifle does work, but fewer rounds can be put down range within a few seconds.  A scoped rifle is not recommended.

Wild Hog Hunting Ammo

Finding a wounded hog at the 4J Ranch within the dense brush and hard wood trees is not an easy task during the day and it is especially difficult in the dark. Taking down a wild hog with one shot is important.  Most any rifle bullet will take down a wild hog with one shot if it is placed into the brain.  Bullet weight and velocity does play a role, but good bullet placement for any caliber is more important for a one shot kill.  Because the vast majority of shots from a blind are at hogs standing in place under one hundred yards away, bullet placement is not a serious challenge.  One shot to the brain with a .223 bullet will drop a wild hog where it stands. For wild hogs on the run, bullets smaller than thirty caliber, a metal hollow point or a full metal jacketed bullet placed outside of a vital organ may not produce a fatal wound. For calibers under .30, I recommend a soft point or ballistic tip bullet. Most bullets over thirty caliber may work even if a vital organ is missed.  The larger caliber bullet will create a severe wound and the wild hog will lay down within one hundred yards.  When in doubt as to what bullet to use for wild hog hunting at the 4J Ranch, I recommend using a soft point bullet.

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