Hog Hunts in Blind

Wild Hog Hunts Texas

Wild Hog Hunts in blind

Wild hog hunting from a ground blind is from 5-10:PM. Our experience at  4J Ranch is that wild hogs in Texas are primarily nocturnal.  Wild hogs may be active during the early morning and late afternoon, depending on environment conditions. When the temperature is  are above 90 degrees a wild hog hunt success rate is low and wild hog activity is limited.  Most wild hogs are taken around sunset to nine in the evening. The level of moonlight illumination has a direct affect on wild hog activity and wild hog hunting success after sunset.

Blind to corn is approximately 40 yards. The ranch has their own design for red light illumination during wild hog hunt at night.  Hunters may use their own night vision equipment or hunting lights.  Hunters need a flashlight to see inside and outside of the blind after sunset. The  ranch also uses motion sensors with a red light to detect wild hogs after dark. The bright red LED light used from the blind is sufficient illumination for shots, with or without a scope, up to 100 yards from the blind.

When the temperature is  are above 90 degrees a wild hog hunt from a ground blind is not successful.  Most wild hogs are taken after nine in the evening when the daylight temperature is above ninety.  In all conditions, the level of moonlight illumination has a direct affect on wild hog activity and hunting success after sunset.

Wild Hog Hunting in blind.

Wild hog hunting blinds are fully enclosed 8 foot by 4 foot (see below photo).  About two hours before sunset wild hog hunters are escorted to the blind, lights and radio are setup. The hunter is then left to hunt till ten in the evening. The blinds can easily accommodate 2 hunters.  A solo hunter can have a guest in the blind without an extra fee.

 Texas Wild Hogs have poor night vision.

Even though wild hogs are primarily nocturnal, they have poor night vision.  Having poor night vision, they are vulnerable to night predators like cats and canines.  They prefer to have moonlight to venture out of their secluded bedding area.  However, hogs have to eat, so they will forage for food even with zero moonlight.

Blinds configured night wild hog hunt. 

For the wild hog hunt from a blind after dark, there are motion sensors with a small red light that will light up when a wild hog is detected around the corn.  Each wild hog hunting blind has bright red lights to illuminate the area around the corn. The lights are bright enough for hunters to clearly see wild hogs with open sights, red dot or scope. The smaller motion sensors lights are only used for alerting hunters of wild hog movement near the corn.

Red lights for wild hog hunts during at night. 

The ranch furnishes a red LED flashlight for hunters that do have a night hunting visual aid.  The bright red LED light is used in the blind for distance shots.  This flashlight has proven to be very effective at 50-100 yards. With the aid of a scope the flashlight is bright enough to shoot a hog in the dark up to 150 yards.

Wild Hogs move in groups.  

Typically, hunters will see groups of juvenile hogs going to the corn. Juvenile groups are comprised of siblings and cousins with one or more sister sows.  Older females without young pigs are also seen in groups.  We have hunters that take the time to, target and take down, two hogs with one shot. One of the  advantages of having two hunters in a blind is that each hunter can take down a hog at the same time.  Wild boars over 150 pounds are normally found traveling alone.



We enjoy hosting young wild hog hunters. Young wild hog hunters are welcome at our ranch.  We enjoy hosting hog hunters of all ages, but we especially enjoy hosting young hunters.  My sons and I configured the hunting areas with safety and easy access in mind.  Dense woods separate each blind to prevent stray bullets from reaching another blind.  A wide open pathway, around the parameter of the hunting property and behind each blind, affords safe and easy access.  Blind-to-corn is only 40 yards to enable a successful head shot for the inexperienced shooter.  It is up to the parent to determine the appropriate age to take a young person hunting.  Our experience is that a 10 year old with a desire to hunt can be attentive for several hours during training sessions.  Wild hog hunting is no different than any other sport, it requires repetitive training and a lot of patience in order to excel. Texas Wild Hog Hunting at 4J Ranch is ideal for young hunters eager to learn the sport of hunting.


Hunter Lodging: There are more than two motels within 30 minutes of our ranch: Best Western (936-349-1700) in Madisonville;  Days Inn (903-503-7175) in Centerville.

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