Hog Hunting Weapon

Texas Hog Hunting Weapon

Selecting a legal Texas hog hunting weapon is not difficult. Texas allows hog hunters to use any legal center fire rifle or handgun.

The correct weapon for Hog hunting in Texas depends on the type of hog hunt. Determine the average shooting distance.  Will the hogs be moving? One weapon may work in a number of different shooting conditions.  Texas Hog Hunting Basics offers more details on Texas wild hog hunting conditions.

Hog Hunting in Blinds

Hog hunting in blinds are available in the late afternoon. Any legal rifle is fine for hog hunting from a blind.  Have a scope with good light gathering capabilities. A good scope is  a 4x scope with a 30 mm tube diameter and a 50 mm objective lens. The average shooting distance from a blind is fifty yards.  For more details refer to Hog Hunt in Blind

Stalking Hog Hunt Weapon

Stalking hog hunt involves walking in the woods (Stalking Wild Hog Hunt). Hogs will be on the move. The Wild Hog Shoot hog hunt is very similar to the stalking hog hunt. Hunters need to have a semiautomatic rifle without a scope.

Wild Hog Hunting Ammo

Once a weapon is selected, you need the correct ammo.  Most any rifle bullet will take down a wild hog, if it is placed into the brain. The vast majority of shots from a blind the hogs are standing in place.  Bullets smaller than thirty caliber, we recommend a ballistic tip is best, but a soft point can be affective.

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