Hog Hunt in Blind

Hog Hunts in TexasHog Hunting in blind

Ground blind hog hunting is form 5 to 10 PM. Hunters are escorted to the blind in their vehicle. The blinds are equipped with lights to hunt hogs at night. Hog hunters call via a radio when a hog is killed. The dead hog is immediately removed from the property by a guide.

4J Ranch has multiple wild hog hunting blinds. Distance from blind-to-corn is approximately 40 yards. Each ground blinds is fully enclosed (4×8 feet). There is plenty of room for 2 hunters and supplies.  Each blind has two small forward and side windows.  All blinds have two chairs. A stool can be furnished for a guest.

Ideal conditions for hog hunting in Texas

Temperature and moonlight impact hog hunting in Texas. Daylight temperatures above 100 degrees negatively affect hog hunting. Most wild hogs root for food after dark. Moonlight illumination less than forty percent will negatively affect hog hunting. Under good conditions, the best time periods for taking a hog is at sunup or sunset ( Texas Hog Hunting Basics ).

Blinds configured night wild hog hunt. 

Each ground blind is equipment to detect and illuminate wild hogs.  Hunters may use their own night vision equipment ( Hog Hunting Weapon ).The  ranch uses motion sensors to detect a wild hog at the corn. Red LED lights are used to illuminate wild hog at the corn.

Young Hog Hunters at 4J Ranch

The 4J Ranch welcomes young hunters eager to learn.  My sons and I configured the ground blind hunting areas for inexperienced hunters. Dense woods isolate each blind. Wide open pathways to and from the blind. Hunters can drive right up to the blind. Blind-to-corn is only 40 yards to enable a successful head shot.

It is up to the parent to determine the appropriate age for hog hunting. Our experience is that a 10 year old can be attentive for several hours. Wild hog hunting in Texas at the 4J Ranch is ideal for young hunters.


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