Hog Hunting in Texas

Hog Hunting in Texas

Hog hunting in Texas at the 4J Ranch is a great hog hunting experience. The ranch offers three types of hog hunting options. The ranch offers a  Hog Hunt in Blind and a Stalking Wild Hog Hunt. The Texas Wild Hog Shoot is the third wild hog hunt offered.  Photos of hog hunting on Hog Hunting Photos. All three types of the three hog hunts are available year round.

Stalking Hog Hunt

Stalking wild hogs is challenging.  Wild hogs are intelligent animals. Understanding wild hog behavior is detailed on my webpage Texas Hog Hunting Basics . The hog hunt starts in the early afternoon and continues until sunset.  Hunters will be on foot and/or in ATV. Hunters should use a rapid firing weapon without a scope. For more information on selecting hog hunting weapons see Hog Hunting Weapon . Each hunter shoots thirty or more rounds of ammo for stalking hog hunt.

Texas Wild Hog Shoot

The Wild Hog Shoot is the most exciting hog hunting experience.  This hog hunt offers each hunter a lot of shooting opportunities. Hunters can to take down 10, 20, 30 or more wild hogs. The wild hog shoot is within the wooded Trinity river bottom. The hunting property is configured  for to accommodate the wild hog hunting event.

Ground Blind Texas Hog Hunt

Wild hog hunting from a ground Blind is a typical wild game blind hunt.  The blind hunt is held in the late afternoon (5-10pm).  Hunters are placed in a fully enclosed (4’x8′) ground blind late in the afternoon, approximately one hour before sunset.  Hunters do not need any lighting or night vision equipment to hunt from our blinds. Most of the wild hogs taken are between one hour before sunset to 9:PM.  Nights with a clear sky and a bright moon will be the most successful hog hunt.

Hog hunting in Texas weather

Wild hog hunting in Texas during the four seasons requires preparations and an understanding of the influence weather has on wild hog behavior.   Hunters should check the weather for Centerville, Texas the day before their hunt.  Most of the year,  fall, winter and spring, the wild hog hunting area receives enough rain to keep the ground wet. Soft soil affords easy access to subsurface foods sought after by wild hogs. Over half of the year there are puddles of water and a number of wild hog wallows to help keep the wild hogs cool. Hunters should have water tight boots especially during the winter and spring seasons.  During the spring and summer, hunters should consider wearing snake boots for stalk hunt or wild hog shoot.  In the summer hunters should have light weight clothes and ample supply of water.

Wild Hog Hunting in Texas

Texas has a large number of wild hogs (feral hogs) that were once domesticated. The wild hogs are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to Texas property. On Wild Hogs in Texas webpage there is a history summary of the feral pig/wild hog introduction in the Texas.


Wild Hog Shoot:   Hogs on the run
First time hunters:  New to hunting
A large group running:  Crazy number of hogs
Learning to shoot moving targets: Young hunter learning
Hogs on the move: Spot and shoot

Dallas or Houston Texas Hog Hunting

  • Two and half hours from Houston, Texas.
  • Two and half hours from Dallas, Texas.
  • Just 15 minutes off of Interstate 45.
  • Good roads leading to ranch.

The 4J Ranch is located half way between Houston and Dallas.  The hog hunting property is near Centerville and Leona, Texas. For the exact location  see Ranch Location.  For lodg available near the ranch review Hog Hunter Lodging available near the ranch.

Wild Hog, Wild Boar or Wild Pig?
On my website I use the name wild pig, wild hog, or wild boar to identify the same wild animal.  The names are interchangeable.  A domesticated pig that escaped into the wild is known as a feral hog, wild hog, wild boar, or boar. 

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