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Wild Hog Hunts Every Day of the Year for 150.00

AFTERNOON into the night wild boar hunts from ground blinds

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Texas Wild Boar Hunting for 150.00

AFTERNOON into the night wild boar hunts from ground blinds

See Prices page for details.


Houston and Dallas, Texas area wild hog hunts.

4J Ranch is located off of Interstate 45 within three hours of Houston or Dallas, Texas. Book an afternoon hog hunt at the ranch and return home the same day.

GPS Location:

Latitude: 3110'57.97"N

Longitude: 9546'38.34"W

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Lodging within 30 minutes of ranch.

One of the Hog hunting blinds on 4J Ranch

We do not place wild hog hunters from different groups into a blind

HOG HUNTS FROM A BLIND:  Wild Hog hunting from a blind is significantly improved with two hog hunters. It is rare for a solitary hog to show up at a feeder. Working as a team, two hunters can simultaneously take down 2 wild hogs from each group. At the same time, hunters can help each other take down a wounded animal before it disappears into the dense wood.


HOG HUNTING BLINDS: Wild Hog hunts are from fully enclosed (4x8) wood blinds. Each blind is large enough to easily accommodate two hunters. Blinds have chairs, shelves, and wall hooks for hunter comfort and convenience. The two hunters have eyelevel, sliding windows for shooting forward or to their side. There is enough floor space for a small cooler to sit between the two hog hunters. Binds are approximately 35 yards from corn feeders that operate year round. At 35 yards, hunters can us a rifle or handgun with or without a scope to make a headshot possible.


HOG HUNTS AT NIGHT: Wild hogs are primarily nocturnal. Bllind hunts begin around one hour before sunset (4:PM) and go into the night. The moon phase and level of moonlight plays a key role in wild hog activiy after dark because wild hogs do not see well in the dark. Each blind is configurated with motion detectors that activate red flood lights to see and take down wild hogs feeding on corn.


WILD HOGS CAN SMELL EXTREMELY WELL: Hunters must use scent cover. Wild hogs can smell a food source up to 5 miles away. Hunters will be within 50 yards of the corn feeder. Without scent spray to cover human odors, it is unlikely that a wild hog will approach a blind. Any other odors introduced into the blind area will reduce the chances of seeing a wild hog. For safety purposes and because of the odor, no smoking is allowed on the hunting property.


WILD HOG HUNTING SAFETY   There are multiple wild hog hunting blinds on the property. Each blind is isolated within a densely wooded area to prevent accidental shootings from another blind. Hunters must stay in or around their assigned blind. When a wild hog is shot, the hunter calls their guide on the radio. This will alert other hunters that they will be out of their blind. Also, after a kill hunters can call their guide for help removing the animal from the property. Hunters do not go into the woods to find a wounded wild hog without their guide.


HOG HUNT RADIO COMMUNICATIONS: Hunters, guides and the ranch cabin utilize ranch shortwave radios for communications. Hunters radio their guide for questions, problems, animal removal or assistance in conducting a search in the dark. Before hunters leave their blind or property they contact their guide. The radios are also used to alert all hunters of events on the property during their hunt.

Texas Wild Boar Hunting on foot in the woods at the 4J Ranch is dangerous.

I cannot address any other wild boar hunting in Texas, but wild boar hunting on foot at the 4J Ranch is dangerous. Stalking wild boars within the brush is not for the young or inexperienced hunter. The stalk hunt is physically demanding, so be prepared to walk through brush and briar. Every person stalking wild boar must be armed and prepared to shoot.  Each hunter is within shooter range of each other. A person geared up for a stalking hunt cannot outrun or hide from a charging wild boar. Hunters will be walking within the brush a few yards from a wild boar and not see it. Hunters should expect the wild boars will be running target. Snake boots or leggings are required apparel from March thru November. Only one hunter stalking can be under 18 and they must be escorted by an adult guardian.


After sunup, an experienced 4J Outfitter guide will escort hunters into the dense woods and underbrush. Stalking wild hogs requires preparation, patience, skills of stealth, tracking experience, understanding wild hog behavior, wild hog habitat preferences, and excellent marksmanship. Hunters only have a few seconds to acquire the target and shoot before it disappears into the dense underbrush/woods. All of the 4J guides have years of experience stalking wild hogs within the 4J Ranch.


1.   Contact 4J Ranch via phone (832-452-8738) or email (

2.   Let us know how many hunters in the group.

3.   What type of hunt (blind hunt or stalk hunt)

4.   The date(s) you want to book a hunt.

5.   We let you know if there is an availability.

6.   Your hunt will be placed/reserved on our calendar for 48 hours.

7.   Go to 4J Ranch website PRICES webpage.

8.   Make a 50% non-refundable deposit via PayPal using your credit card.

9.   PayPal will send 4J Ranch a confirmation of your payment.

10. We will contact you via phone or email that we received payment.


   Because blind-to-feeder is only 40 yards, a head shot is relatively easy.

   Any rifle caliber from .223 and above is allowed.

   For .223 hunter must use a ballistic tip bullet simular to Federal Premium V-Shock Ballistic Tip.


   - Hog meat may spoil if it is not field dressed within an hour.

   - Hunter can skin/quarter their wild hog at our facility for free.

   - 4J Ranch will skin/quarter a hog for 50.00 each.

   - If hunter wants the meat, they need a cooler and ice prior to the hunt.

   - Before the hunt, hunters should contact their local meat processing facility.

   - Most states have specific regulations for wild hog meat processing.

   - Not all meat processing facilities process wild hogs.


   - Each blind has motion sensors that will light up the feeder ares.

   - It is not required to have a red spotlight but it is a good idea to view areas surrounding the feeder.

   - Scent cover spray poor success if a wild hogs smells humans - limit all non-natural odors

   - Fixed or lock blade knife to cut throat after kill

   - Flashlight for leaving blind after dark.

   - 1 bag corn per 2 hunters to increase the smell of fresh corn (not requirement).

   - Corn will be on the ground for your hunt.

   - 1 bag of ice (10 lbs.) per 2 hunters.

   - You can buy more ice on your way home.

   - 2 containers of Morton's table salt (26 oz.)

   - 48 quart cooler.

   - Snacks and drinks

   - Bug spray

   - Dark colored clothes is ok for blind hunts

   - Camouflage for stalk hunts

   - Hunting license is required to hunt hogs in Texas.

   - WalMart has the licenses.

Wild Hog Hunting in Texas and Environmental Conditions

Wild hog behavior is influenced by environment conditions. Extreme heat or cold is life threatening to a wild hog. To avoid exposure to extreme temperatures of the summer months, wild hogs will select a bedding area near water within dense brush or woods to avoid direct sunlight. During the winter months, wild hogs will select a bedding area within dense brush or woods to avoid the cold winter winds from the north. All during the year, hog rooting activity increase after a good rain because of the drop in temperature and because the soil is soft. Also, regardless of the time of year, hogs are more active, before or after, a dramatic temperature change of plus or minus 20 degrees.


The moon rise and moon phase play a key role in wild hog activity and hunting success. Even though wild hogs are nocturnal, they have poor night vision. Throughout the year the full moon rise is between 5-9:PM and the new moon rise is between 5-9:AM. During each month, the peak of wild hog hunting kills on hog trails can be directly linked to the corresponding moon phase and time of moon rise. During the days surrounding the full moon or new moon wild hogs activity and wild hunting success corresponds to the time of moonrise and the level of light. With these factors in mind, wild hog hunters should take into account the moon phase and moon rise before determining the day and time of day for their wild hog hunt.

Texas Hog Hunting Regulations

Texas wild hog hunting regulations are very liberal. Wild hogs in Texas are classified as a non-game game animal. Texas Hog Hunting regulations consider wild hogs a nuisance and a serious detriment to, farming and ranching, profits. Texas hog hunting regulations allow hunters to hunt wild hogs 24 hours a day all year round. Texas Hog Hunting regulations allow the taking of wild hogs in any fashion with any legally owned weapon, except poisoning. Texas hog hunting regulations does not require the wild hog be retrieved or removed from a property.


The basic Texas hunting Type 101 is required for Texas residents.


For Non-residents of Texas, a 5-day Special Hunting license (Type 157) is required.

Texas Wild Hog Hunting Regulations Requires a Type 101 or Type 157 Texas Hunting Licenses

Hog hunting in Texas has no season or bag limit. Texas Hog hunting can occur anytime during the day or night with any type of legal weapon.

TYPE 101 is the Basic hunting licenses for Texas residents.



Texas Out of state or out of country licenses for wild hog hunting license: Texas Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting is TYPE 157

The license is legal for any period of 5 consecutive days (valid hunting dates will be printed on the license when issued).

Hunter Education waiver ($10.00) can be obtained once by any hunter over 17 years old that has no proof of taking a hunter education class.

The Hunter Education waiver plus Type 157 license is all that is needed to hunt hogs in Texas up to 5 consecutive days.

Website for license information:


Type 157 is Valid to hunt: Exotic animals all legal game birds (except turkeys), all nongame animals, squirrel, javelin and alligator (not valid for other game animals, NOT VALID FOR DEER). Stamp endorsement requirements apply.

Young Wild Hog Hunter at 4J Ranch

Texas Hog Hunting at 4J Ranch is ideal for young hunters eager to learn the sport of hunting. My sons and I enjoy hosting young hunters. We understand that hog hunting is no different than any other sport; It requires training and practice to excel. It is up to the parent(s) to determine when to start teaching their child the sport of hunting. Our experience is that a 5 year old with a desire to hunt can be attentive for several hours.

We want every person to be safe during their time on the 4J Ranch. Our hog hunting ranch is configured to be a safe/controlled environment that is conducive to training young hunters for blind/stand hunting. The hog hunting area at 4J Ranch is surrounded by an eight foot high game fence. Only booked hunters, guests, and 4J guides are allowed on the hog hunting property during a hog hunt. All hog hunters in blinds use our radios to communicate with the cabin, guide, or any hunter on the property. Every hog hunting blind is separated by dense woods to prevent stray bullets reaching another blind. During a stalking hunt, only one hog hunting group is booked for that morning.

Texas hog hunting at the 4J Ranch is a unique hog hunting experience.

This East Texas river bottom property is a natural wild hog habitat. We guarantee wild hogs are on the property because a game fence surrounds the entire hunting area. The fence allows us to have an ever present wild hog population of all ages and gender. Hunters have a choice. They can choose a wild hog based on size or gender. Hunters also have a choice of the type of wild hog hunt; We have fully enclosed blinds near feeders for late afternoon/night hog hunting, as well as, an early morning stalk hunt within the dense hardwood forest that is a unique shooting challenge.

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